Training Classes for Baby Puppies

Please phone for more details or to enrol. Classes are limited; family members are welcome and encouraged to come and watch, but children must be old enough to behave safely around the dogs or be supervised by a non-dog handling adult, please.

I Want a Puppy!

Advice for potential owners before you buy.  This class is FREE.


  • The right breed for your lifestyle - set yourself up to succeed
  • Puppy or rehome?
  • Choosing a Breeder or Finding a Rescue Centre
  • Preparing your house and family for the new arrival
  • Bringing baby home
  • First steps - what your pup will be learning from the moment he arrives, and how to make sure this is what you want him to learn!

Please contact us if you would like to take this class.

Puppy Foundation Course


This course is for baby puppies not older than fourteen weeks.  Puppies must have had their second vaccination.  Puppies with only first vaccination may be suitable on owner's lap; alternatively you can attend without your puppy and take the learning back home with you.


  • Socialisation experiences
  • Building your relationship
  • Starting with handling and grooming
  • Sit, down
  • Meet and greet nicely
  • Recall
  • Starting with walking on a loose lead
  • Proprioception - linking bodies and brains
  • Food manners - around their food and around yours


Puppy Foundation class £80 + VAT (£96) for eight sessions; we run twice a week as babies grow so quickly and there is so much to learn at this age, so the course takes four weeks (unless a bank holiday pushes us back).

Puppy Plus Course


This course is for older puppies, between four and six months of age.  We re-cap on basic behaviours and add in some new ones that will be useful for your pet during your life together.  


  • loose lead walking,
  • meet and greet
  • recall
  • sit
  • down
  • play
  • mat work (teaching the pup to settle on a mat with distractions) 
  • food manners
  • touch (targetting) 
  • emergency stop
  • retrieve


The Puppy Plus course is once a week for six weeks, and costs £60 + VAT (£72). 

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