For some years I have taught the Kennel Club Good Citizens Scheme Awards at Bronze, Silver and Gold level on a voluntary basis on behalf of Yeovil & District Canine Society, a local ringcraft and showing club that has been going for over seventy years.


However it is time for a change.  The classes that I was running for the Good Citizens were plagued by the same problems that have beset my own eight week courses; namely, people starting at very different levels, learning at different speeds and not always being able to attend all the sessions.  A more flexible approach is required.


I am therefore now integrating the Good Citizens with my own Companion Dog Training Flexi-Levels classes.  This should ensure that people taking the Assessment have a more solid foundation and are more confident, both with their dog and in their own handling skills.  


I am still doing this on a voluntary basis for Yeovil DCS.  I have therefore made an opportunity for people to step out of my Flexi-Levels Scheme after Level Four into the Good Citizens; they will pay a small extra fee (to Yeovil DCS) for the two or three lessons needed to polish the behaviours required and the Assessment itself, then can step back in.  Or do both at the same time - move on to Level Five with my Scheme and do the Bronze Award.  


If anyone feels they have trained their dog to the required standard on their own and wishes only to do the Good Citizens Award that will be fine; however these classes will only be for polishing existing behaviour, not for teaching it from scratch.  People who need this should join the Flexi-Levels Scheme.



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